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Special Lebanese Middle Eastern resources for seeds and spices

Arabic spices & specialty ingredients organic seeds & lebanese vegetable seed sources
herbs, spices, coffee, pastries, nuts
zaatar plants and seeds (organum syriacum)
coffee, nuts, gift baskets
organic armenian cucumber seeds
huge selection of tools, products, spices, ingredients, citric acid, olives, etc.
organic white bush Lebanese cousa squash, super zagoss middle eastern cucumber
huge selection of tools, products, spices, ingredients
muncher cucumber (similar to mid-east prolific)
zaatar, sumac
muncher cucumber, armenian cucumber, okra
herbs & spices–a few middle eastern including zaatar, ceylon cinnamon (healthiest),
diva cucumber (similar to mid-east prolific)
, armenian cukes, golden purslane (bale), magda middle eastern summer squash (kousa), fava beans (flu)
middle eastern herbs & spices, pomegranate molasses, rose water, zaatar, and ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon)
armenian cucumber, muncher cucumber (similar to mid-east prolific)
, Lebanese white bush (kousa)
ersian Middle East cucumbers, diva cucumber, muncher cucumber, Lebanese white bush (kousa), purslane (baqle)
Lebanese light green bush (kousa)
mar’s Lebanese heirloom tomato seeds “The best tasting tomato we have ever grown.”, diva and armenian cucumbers
regional lists of which seafood to buy and why for health and environmental concerns…sustainable seafood choices
ebanese summer squash “Dirani” bush (kousa), Persian baby and Armenian cucumber seeds, purslane Golden (baqle)
Seed companies owned by Monsanto to avoid:
ebanese summer squash “Clarinette” bush (kousa), Armenian and muncher cucumber seeds, Italian parsley

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